Moyuba Olofi
Moyuba Egun
Moyuba Orisha
Moyuba Ori
Moyuba Elegua
Moyuba Ochun
Moyuba Iyami
Moyuba to my Elders.. the Elders who crowned me, Oyadina and Adé Egun,
as well as those who taught me, inspired me and guided my steps.. I am forever humble and grateful.


Witchcraft can serve many purposes,  sometimes to protect, sometimes to harm. In this blog, I am specifically referring to the type of witchcraft that is intended to harm others. In some cases, the witchcraft is as “simple” as “evil eye or bad tongue” or more...

Love…as they live their Destiny.

  In my work with many on their spiritual journeys, I have observed several common family and community related themes. One of these  trends is the lack of overall support and acceptance for folks who stand at the crossroads, the door... contemplating their spiritual...