Witchcraft can serve many purposes,  sometimes to protect, sometimes to harm.

In this blog, I am specifically referring to the type of witchcraft that is intended to harm others. In some cases, the witchcraft is as “simple” as “evil eye or bad tongue” or more elaborate and intentional, manifested through a spiritual process or a ceremony.

Witchcraft designed to harm others, is usually utilized by those who may not have the innate tools to manage conflict and confrontation. They depend on what they perceive as stronger, “magical” forces to constantly battle on their behalf.  Operating out of ego and fear, they ultimately give away their power…to feel powerful, which in turn,creates a false sense of power.

This frequently accessed and sometimes unnecessary manipulation of energy, elements and forces, may ultimately impact their connection. The Universe knows when one is acting out of ill will, and eventually may cease to respond in the intended manner. Consequently, a self entangled web is spun.

Those who are at the receiving end of this witchcraft, often panic and react in a way that may ultimately be out of character. They may then engage in retaliatory activities, driven by anger, desperation, hopelessness and fear.

 Adverse effects occur when one is pulled into a world of doubt, negativity and chaos. The witchcraft grows, when one’s connection to all that has been spiritually created, and their protective entities, are questioned. With this, the foundation is weakened or dismantled and the witchcraft transfers into one’s life, and multiplies. It takes root, spreads and contaminates.

Witchcraft is most successful, when it is subconsciously or consciously welcomed . When it is allowed to take over. When it is given force. When it is given life. When it is given power. It is crucial to remain aware of one’s power during these times. Don’t give it away. Don’t relinquish control. Don’t succumb to becoming the victim. 

The reality is that not everyone has your best intentions in mind. Evil and negativity run rampant in our spiritual tradition, as well as in the world. The masks fall. Jealousy and insecurities take over, individuals operate in their lower selves and consequently attempt to spiritually disrupt and create chaos in the lives of others.

One important factor in remaining spiritually healthy, is consistency. Keep your spiritual game intact. Stay on top of all your spiritual work for you…not out of fear or for anyone else, but simply for you. In the event of transmission of negativity, or an attempt to do so, there may be less need for retaliation or additional work or protection.

Utilize your energy wisely. Develop a spiritual routine that works. Prevention is key. Daily spiritual practice of self and space are essential. Strengthen your spiritual foundation and connection. Create your Spiritual fortress. Furthermore, remain aware of self imposed witchcraft or Elenini, as this weakens one spiritual immune system and makes for easier access for those who send external negative energy.

For individuals not trained or prepared to interact with these energies, taking matters into one’s hands, is usually not recommended. It results in more confusion and damaging consequences. One should consider consulting with a trusted, well trained, reliable spiritual practitioner.

Witchcraft may effect the parts of you that are spiritually and physically vulnerable. Work on you. Make yourself powerful, not the witchcraft.

Iya Ota Niwé