There are several diagnoses and symptoms, that are prevalent among what are considered the mentally ill, that I believe have direct ties to spirituality, ancestors and past life experiences. In this blog, I will focus specifically on catatonia, multiple personality disorder, auditory and visual hallucinations, depression, generalized anxiety and suicidal ideations. 

Individuals with catatonia present as being immobile or “stuck”. They may remain in this vegetative state for hours, to sometimes days. During these episodes, they are unable to speak, eat or function normally. From a spiritual perspective, these individuals are usually operating or “existing “ in another dimension. They appear to be frozen in time. Spiritual healers can divine and consult, to determine how best to “reach them”. The healer or medium should work with these individuals, in that space. They are simply operating somewhere beyond the present and unable to simultaneously function in both realms.  A trained medium or healer can tap into that spiritual place and attain the direction needed to assist with moving the individual out of the catatonic space, into the present.

When one presents with multiple personality disorder, there are frequently multiple egun, ancestors or spirit guides, all coming forward. These egun or guides may present, within the person, as different individuals, all competing  for their spiritual place and attempting to fulfill their role. With a spiritual investigation, a medium or spiritualist can determine who these guides or spirits are, and assist with the process of identifying, organizing or removing them.

Those who experience hallucinations, usually describe them as visions and experiences that feel intrusive, confusing and disorganized. This is partly because of the overall lack of understanding and misinterpretation by mental health professionals and society at large. This is also in part largely due to western trained clinical practitioners, who do not view these experiences as spiritual messages or encounters. Instead, they view them as episodes only treatable with psychotropic medications or Western therapy. In many instances, those who experience hallucinations, may hear the voice of a deceased family member or see their deceased grandmother at the edge of their bed at night, and are immediately labeled psychotic. Skilled mediums, healers and Egun priests can assist with identifying the ancestors or guides and facilitate communication to provide spiritual resolution and clarity.

Symptoms of depression, in addition to other underlying issues, may be linked to an individual not fulfilling their life purpose or failing to carry out their life mission. These individuals require spiritual assistance to realign them with their destiny.

Generalized anxiety can be rooted in significant past life experiences that require spiritual attention. This type of anxiety is sometimes “ unexplainable” in the eyes of many, however, from a spiritual perspective is not only directly linked to previous life situations, but also to karmic debt or generational mishaps.

Individuals who experience persistent suicidal ideations, with unclear underlying causes, may also benefit from spiritual work. Under exploration, a medium may uncover that ancestors may be “calling on” the individual, creating conflicts that result in the ideations. In some cases, the deceased may be unable to “let go” or relinquish “control”,  resulting in a constant state of turmoil, longing and indecision for the living. Exploring ways to appease or to tend to these spirits may be an integral part of the process. 

It is also important to mention, that in addition to unresolved spiritual issues, trauma may also contribute the above mentioned diagnoses, and should be treated accordingly. 

In conclusion, many, if not all mental disorders, can be treated with spiritual practice. Spiritual practices may not solely resolve the symptoms, however can be extremely beneficial, in conjunction with other effective holistic and healing modalities.

I encourage all who encounter these issues or have friends or family members who struggle with these diagnoses and symptoms, to also consider a treatment that incorporates a holistic spiritual approach and ancestor work, to aid in healing.

Iya Ota Niwé, LCSW