Art by Senegambia

When life, the world and humanity are taken for granted and dishonored, it creates misalignment.

Some state that in order to restore balance, only extreme interventions will suffice.

These extreme measures can include what is referred to in the Yoruba tradition, as Osogbo.

How does Elegua play a role in this process?
Elegua is the orisha, or universal force, who controls the interactions of osogbo (misfortunes) and ire (blessings).

He controls the travels of the osogbos, between heaven and earth.

In this current state of pandemic, whether it is,  Ano- fleeting illness, Aro- terminal illness, Eyo- tragedy, Iku- death, Ona- afflictions, Ofo- loss, Akoba- things not being well, or Eshe- general afflictions… Elegua is the gatekeeper.

“Elegua is not only the gatekeeper, but the gate itself. “

Art by Andre Hora

As stated, Osogbo is the spiritual principal of misfortune. However, Osogbo far exceeds the traditional definition of misfortune.

Osogbo is the driving force of evolution.  

Within the energy of osogbo, society is provided opportunities to reveal and understand the mysteries of existence.

In reference to the current situation we face, one can ask..

What are the secrets that are to be revealed during these times?

What are the lessons that we should learn?

 What does this bring to our awareness, on an individual level, and as a collective? is important to remember that within this process, Elegua is neither good or bad. He is neutral.

He is simply the mediator between the entities and energies, of both worlds.

When Osogbo is allowed to transfer, it provides opportunities for humanity to explore ways to improve and honor existence. Elegua creates opportunities for humanity to work together in harmony, or experience the consequences. He encourages the evolution of harmony and balance.

“Elegua is the cement that holds society together.”

With this understanding, one can ask…

How can we restore and improve balance and harmony, to ultimately make improvements within our society?

What can be done to support unification during these times?

It is believed that...

“A life of continuous blessings does not offer opportunities for us to evolve.

We can ultimately explore how this pandemic is creating opportunities for us to grow. We can question not only the meaning of life, but how we can give life meaning?

We can ask…

What are the aspects of life that are truly important?

How can one prioritize and focus on the importance of life?

What are the opportunities for growth?

You see…

“Within osogbo, civilizations will grow and flourish, great books will be written, art will be created, and the world will grow into something greater. It is the catalyst and the motivation for creation to achieve great things.”*

At the end of these challenging times, I pray that we have gained insight, learned, achieved, healed, created and evolved.

 I pray that we learn to love deeply, appreciate life, honor nature and each other.

I pray that this event eradicates boundaries and dismantles institutions and mindsets, that have been destructive and detrimental, to the unification of mankind and Spirit.

I pray for an abundance of Ire for all.


Iya Ota Niwe

Iyalorisha, LCSW, Certified Holistic Life Coach

Every step we take on our journey through life, every door, crossroad, market that we traverse, each person and situation that we encounter, gives us the twin opportunities, to either progress and profit, or regret and loose.” John Mason


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