There are several mental health conditions, diagnoses, thought patterns or personality disorders, that may impede the effectiveness of a Spiritual consultation or Orisha work. Divination and Spiritual support, will provide insight and clarity, but may not be able to solely and successfully assist individuals who persistently present with the behaviors and or conditions listed below.

Deep unresolved trauma.
If one has not taken the steps to resolve trauma, one cannot fully benefit from external Spiritual work. Trauma creates triggers. If the triggers are not addressed, the dysfunctional behaviors will continue. Trauma is also known to alter the chemical composition or the “wiring” of the brain. Unless the work is done to “ re-train” the brain and it’s responses to intrusive thoughts and flashbacks, external work may not be as effective.

Persistent Fears.
To live in fear, is to not live in Purpose. One cannot embrace the purpose and destiny predicted to them, if they constantly live in fear. Fears presents barriers. No ebo will be completely beneficial, if the individual seeking assistance is not able to release the patterns of fear, as well as explore the underlying factors.

Trust issues.
Distrust is generally rooted in a lack of trust of self. Without trust of self, it is impossible to trust others, much less a higher power. These are individuals who consistently question the motives of godparents, don’t follow through on ebo’s and Ilé “hop”. They experience challenges demonstrating commitment to practice, consistency and a Spiritual community.

Difficulty engaging with others.
Social anxiety and awkwardness, make it difficult for some to be a part of a community, group or Ilé. These folks may present as flaky or inconsistent. They may seem to lack commitment, when in reality, they may just be overwhelmed by people and people interactions.

Challenges accepting responsibility or relinquishing control.
These are typically folks who experience issues surrounding control and are unable to relinquish this control. They desire help, but then want to determine how that help must look, and where it comes from. They experience difficulty embracing the concept of divine timing.

Those who only rely on the God outside of themselves.
If one is unable to connect to the God within, it may present obstacles throughout their Spiritual journey. The work with the Creator and external forces, is increasingly effective, when it is able to match the divine power within. Belief in such, will ultimately connect both powers and create movement and evolution.

Samir Art

It is the responsibility of Priests and healers, to encourage clients and godchildren to also seek the support of a Mental Health Therapist, Counselor or Life Coach, if mental health seems to be at the root of the dysfunction. Don’t attempt to fix some the above mentioned behavioral or personality conditions, without proper training. In some instances, doing so, without professional preparation, can create more harm than good. Elekes, Orisha and Initiation cannot address what the Ori does not allow.

For those that seek Spiritual assistance, do the mental health work that will allow your Ori to align with your Destiny. Remove the blockages that prevent you from connecting with your Higher Power.

Holistic healing is key.

Ìfé Michelle/ Iyá Ota Niwé, LCSW, Certified Holistic Life Coach