Once one embarks on the journey of evolution, whether through spirituality or Orisha, it is the responsibility of the godparents and healers to provide guidance throughout the process. Priests should not only facilitate the ceremonies, rituals and initiations, but also extend support throughout all stages of healing.

For folks searching, or about to embark on their spiritual journey, this is an aspect to also consider, when selecting godparents or spiritual guides. The questions should be posed, and the discussions had.

When a priest facilitates a ceremony or an initiation, they should also be equipped and prepared to deal with all the emotional, mental and spiritual repercussions or outcomes.

For example, the ancestral and generational  healing that occurs with Misas or Iku Joko’s, the clearing, opening and shifting that occurs with receiving Warriors…repressed stuff that “comes to the surface” with Olokun, as well as the major life transitions that occur with Ocha.

Priests and healers should ask themselves…”Am I really ready to deal with this? What will this bring up for me? Am I in a position to assist or give advice on this topic? Have I healed, grown or evolved? “

Ceremony is just that…a ceremony. The real healing and blessings are revealed afterwards. The work does not end after the ceremony, it’s just the beginning. The true test of commitment and relationship occurs during these experiences. 

Godparents, Priests and healers must be responsible and accountable, for it is a gift and a significant responsibility to impact lives, as well as destinies. If healers are not able to provide the support that is required for optimal healing, then it is their responsibility to seek assistance from others in their community that are equipped to do so.

It’s not just about ceremonies and odu’s, it’s not just about Orisha and protocol … it’s also about assisting folks with real life situations and being truly prepared, and willing to accompany them on their journey of healing and evolution.

Iya Ota Niwé