You have given enough.

It is time to release.

Learn to let go of the old, to create space for the new.

Learn to preserve your energy… your love… your time, and surrender to the teachings of the Universe. 

 Learn to not love others more than they love you. Not give them more than they give you. Not support them more than they support you. Not recognize them more than they recognize you.  Not to want them more than they want you. Not to celebrate them more than they celebrate you. To not always hold space for them, but sometimes to just give them space.

Learn to love you. 

Give yourself space.

Stop trying to make something be…what it no longer is. Sometimes you are just not as needed. Sometimes you don’t need them as much. Sometimes the lessons have been learned and the experiences had. Sometimes it’s just not that deep anymore.. and that is ok.

Folks outgrow each other…relationships just cease to be. Everything under the Sun has an expiration date. It’s ok for relationships and life cycles to shift and end. Its ok to grieve. It’s ok to accept that the Universe knows why She does what She does. It’s ok to let go and not hold on. It’s ok to distance oneself. It’s ok to give other folks room to be ‘that’ person. It’s ok to feel and accept that your company is not as valued.

Perhaps you have outgrown them, or they have outgrown you, or you have grown apart. Life happens that way.

Allow others to just be… and you learn to just be. Create space. 


Expand and embrace the endless possibilities of a new beginning. 

You will find your tribe again and again.  Life shifts. Situations and people come and go. In the meantime, you are healing, you are learning, you are growing. Despite feeling like you walk alone, you are pushing through to be yourself and walk in your truth. You are not misunderstood, you are not unsupported, you are not unloved, you are not alone. 

Trust in your journey.

Embrace change. 


You are simply expanding.

Iya Otá Niwé