Several years ago, I participated in an experiment initiated by my mother.

In the experiment, two mason jars filled halfway with tap water and an inch layer of uncooked rice, were used. Both jars were identical. One jar was labeled with a positive affirmation and the other with a negative intention.

The positive jar was labeled “Thank you”, and the negative jar, “You fool”. 

Daily, I placed my hand over the respective jars and spoke very brief positive and negative words.  After just two weeks, I began to see changes in the negative intentions jar. Exactly 30 days later, at the end of the experiment, the results were astounding.

See the above photograph of the end         result. 

The negative jar no longer had clear water and intact rice, it had murky water, with visibly dissolved rice. The positive jar of water, however, remained clear and clean, with the rice completely intact. 

With these results, I never again doubted the power of the mind and the power of our thoughts. 

Imagine what negative thoughts do to our bodies, spirit, energy and our surroundings. Imagine how hurtful and self destructive thoughts, ultimately destroy our bodies and permanently change our physical compositions.

Imagine what we can manifest with positive thoughts and prayers. Imagine the ability to preserve and heal with a positive mindset. 

It is simple…

As my mother beautifully stated…”With our thoughts we are always consciously and unconsciously planning for either our growth or our demise.” 

We can undo all of our blessings with our thoughts.

We can create blessings with our thoughts. 

Always be mindful.

Iya Ota Niwé