Spiritual & Orisha Services

Spiritual consultation and assessment
Brief discussion to identify spiritual needs and concerns. Will recommend and outline basic goals for evolution.


Rogacion/ Ori work-
Cleans, refreshes, enriches and blesses the Ori.


Mérìndínlógún consultation-
Cowrie shell Orisha consultation

* Phone consultations also available

Ancestral Bone Reading 

Soul Contract Reading


Spiritual gathering to honor and identify Egun and spirits in your spiritual circle.

Spiritual Baths/ Soaps/ Floor washes-
Herbal combinations for cleaning, protection and blessings.

Healing/ Prayer energy session-
Channeling positive healing energy with the use of touch, prayer, aromatherapy and music.

Elegua Blessed Candles-
~Made to order~
Will remove blockages and open paths.

Space Energy Cleaning-
Cleans negative energy and attracts positive energy with use of herbs, plants and various spiritual products.

Ancestor Altar arrangement / Intuitive house session-
Arrangement of Ancestor Space, cleaning and preparing with spiritual items.
Intuitively assessing the energy of the home to improve energy, blessings and spiritual flow.

Spiritual counseling/ Therapy session-
Holistic Counseling that addresses underlying areas that contribute to blockages and stagnant energy. Learn how to release old hurts and fears. Learn how to embrace blessings and evolution. Identify underlying areas that block the flow of spirituality and distracts from fulfilling ones life purpose. Set goals for spiritual evolution and personal growth.
Individual / Couples

Blessed beads to promote womb healing.
Made to order

Orisha Dance classes-
Learn the dances for the Orishas. Learn to connect with their energies through song and dance.

Spiritual/ Orisha group/ community presentations –
Presentations on Healing, the Yoruba/ Ifa practice, Ancestor reverence and Orisha.